[Letter of 1873 June 30]


[Letter of 1873 June 30]
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Philadelphia, June 30, 1873/ My Dear Edward:/ According to/ expectation your most glad-/ ly welcome was duly re-/ ceived. I am now one/ letter ahead I believe at/ least. I mailed you one/ on Friday to which I sup-/ pose I shall receive a re-ply to-day or tomorrow./ Mr Davis asked me yester-/ day when I heard from/ you and if you had re-/ ceived his letter. I told him/ you had, he then requested/ me to tell you to answer it/ as he had something to tell/ you. I had not heard that/ Mr Carr had a Call East. Dr./ Cole was here last night and/ said he had been called to/ South Carolina. It seems/ that Mr Johns was in/ Pittsburgh looking for Mr]/ Hedges Church, that’s in/ Alleghany City I believe./ What a time poor colored/ ministers have of it. Our/ Church is going to be closed/ from the 15th of July/ till 1st September, for/ renovation and cleaning./ Frank Grimkie inquired/ for you yesterday and/ sent kindest regards wants/ to see you home soon./ Bas[com?] ([M?]arley I mean)/ thinks I must miss you/ very much indeed and seems/ quite surprised to think you/ can stay so long. Warrick/ also, thinks he could'nt[sic] possi-/ bly stay away from his wife/ so long some one else might/ run off with her¬- but he/ dont know me does he?/ One reason that I remain-/ as quiet as I do is that while/ you are away I keep out/ of trouble if it was'nt[sic] for/ that I certainly should have/ heard to nothing short of your/ coming home in four weeks./ As it is my patience is a-/ bout [?] and have come what/ will or may I want you/ to come without fail at/ the appointed time. The/ folks are all or many are/ leaving the city for country/ sea side &c. I should like/ to go too if I could have just/ what I would like not costly/ but plain and pretty and/ near of access to the City./ I know it would be better/ for baby and I think he/ would prosper. Ms Palmer/ has fixed up exceedingly/ and I am told the sea-/ shore would be good for/ him therefore I have half/ a notion to try her a little/ while. Suppose you can-/ vass there the remainder of/ the summer. Pop thinks/ the people will be gone to/ the watering places from/ Harrisburg and other Cities/ named in your letter and/ for this reason it would/ not be best to go there./ By the way did you ever/ get that letter of his and/ mine? In it he answered/ the questions you asked/ &c. Tell me in your/ next. All would send/ love but I am alone in/ the office to send for/ them. Many kisses as usual./ Your affectionate/ Wife/ Carrie/
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Wiley, Edward A. [recipient]
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