[Letter of 1873 March 29]


[Letter of 1873 March 29]
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Ridgeway, March 29, 1873./ Dear Carrie,/ I almost forgot, that I had a/ sister, by the name of Carrie, so also absorbed/ have I been, in working for my race./ Just to think, Wm. W. Still, so philanthropic,/ as to be, down South, (money being no object)/ and enlightening his race - almost a Moody./ I was thinking, that this would be a/ nice place, for you to practice, but then/ the second thought struck me, that the/ people are too poor, to pay you, for your/ labor - however, this is a very healthy country,/ and of course, adverse, to medical experts, but/ I believe that Professionals allow, that they can/ make business for themselves./ I suppose, that you are getting along swim-/ ing will your studies - can be found out, at/ nights like all other students, in search of/ subjects./ The climate here just suits me, although about the middle of next month, I expect it/ will be too warm for me - we have had/ but eight or ten cool days, since I have been/ here, and they were not in succession -/ being not more, than two at a time./ I would like to have an organ down here/- you should see me trying to draw/ a bow, across a violin now and then,/ belonging to Mr. Thorne’s Son - of course the/ notes are familiar, but the fingering is difficult/ I think, time and again of our long-looked/ - for piano, at home. You must remember me to Joe and his/ wife and Brother Sch[enck?]./ Tell Joe, that Tom Cain, if he remembers/ him is teaching near me here_ he was in the class of ’71, I think./ It is very quiet and peaceable down here, and/ it must needs[sic] be, as the colored people are/ 3 to 1 in proportion, to the whites, in this county./ Tell Joe, that I still hold in remembrance/ his choir and Sabbath School_ their musical talent/ is certainly wonderful./ Most every one down here is a farmer or/ a rail-splitter_ I take exercise in chopping/ wood myself and plough a little, yes, a very little for as soon as the heavy drops of sweat/ begin to f[a?]ll down, I conclude, that it is time/ to quit, for fear of over-exertion./ Remember me to Dr. Roberts. Is Carter still/ Chaplin at the Hospital?/ How is Mrs. Carry? I think of her occasionally/ You no doubt will have your medical/ Commencement soon, if already, it is not over./ From Your Brother,/ Wm. W. Still,/ Ridgemay,/ N.C./ Care J.W. Thorne, Esq.
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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]
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