[Letter of 1875 March 27]


[Letter of 1875 March 27]
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Oberlin Mar. 27th” ‘75/ Dear Carrie,/ Your tardy letter was/ received and the contents devoured./ I am going to try you once more/ and if you dont do better you/ may look out./ You needn’t think/ that the moon shines beautifully/ only in Phila. Sunday night/ was a beautiful ^ night “for lovers to stroll”./ M [xx?]thinks I see/ you running around to see your sick/ brother, and then going ^tripping up to see sister/ M. to have a good old talk about/ old times. For my part I dont/ have time for no such nonsense,/ for the latter, and dont have a/ chance for the former./ [bottom of Page 1, upside down] I have spoilt a whole envelope by simply/ writing on it Miss Carrie Wiley. I had no idea that Miss Maggie’s/ niece was still in the city. I think/ she had better gone when she said/ she was. I should think Miss [Mr.?]/ would feel badly about it./ Miss Greenfield had/ better follow Miss Anna Dickenson’s/ example, dont you think?/ Miss, or at least Mrs./ Boling, was quite high minded when/ she married Mr. Nick Barber, peace/ to their ashes./ I had not heard of/ the death of Mr. James. We have/ had a regular Spring day. but then/ the walking is real bad in some/ places. This puts me in/ mind to say that Mrs. Peck wants/ me to move back in the old room/ and I think it is as mean as it/ can be, I told her I didn’t like/ that room. it was too large just/ for me. Now there are two young men/ here neither of whom pay any board/ at least she says she dont expect/ ever to get any board from them/ if they can have things decent/ I dont see why I cant, another/ thing I know I shall have to use/ more wood in there, She wants me/ to move in Monday./ I have conclued [sic]/ to try and take a course. I think/ if I can only get through this/ year that I shall not have so/ much trouble, I am just beginning/ - you might say- to get in the/ way of studying./ I have got discour/ aged several times this term with/ my Geom. it seems the harder I/ studied on it the worse I did/ with it, not that I couldn’t/ understand it, but when in class/ I would go to demonstrate a prop./ I would forget a part then I would/ get so confused I would give it/ up. Miss Bushnell has us and/ I think she is real hard, I came/ near being excused buyt Mrs. Johns ^ ton/ thought I wasn’t doing as badly as I/ thought and told me to see Miss/ B___ so Miss B__ thought I had/ better try longer with it Today I was/ able to go through with my prop./ My Latin card looks ever so much/ better than I thought it did so/ I got some encouragement from/ that source to day; and also/ added another 6 (that’s a six) to its/ columns. I am willing and ready/ to study, but I do say it makes/ me mad, yes mad, when I study/ hard on a lesson and get up/ a little after four and five as I have/ been doing this/term to go to/ class and fail/ if not – quite-/almost which/ is as bad./ I am the only/ colored lady/ and there is/ only one colored/ gentleman in/ the class a Mr./ Watkins, he is/ said to be quite/ smart. I only/ got acquainted/ with him this/ term he is not/ in any class with/ me let except/ Billie & I got/ Fanny S’s picture/ today I hear they/ are having the/ five oclock/ prayer meeting/ She reminded/ me of the ones/ I attended this/ time last year/ by asking me/ if I remembered/ the morning/ when four of/ us had to use/ one handker/ chif[sic]. By the way/ when you send/ my things please/ be sure to send/ me some paper/ and wont you/ look up my/ note books I/ have two or three/ around there we/ have to use/ so much paper/ and I can use/ them very nicely./ love to all/ Your aff./ sister/ Ellie/
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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]
Temple University Libraries, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection
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