[Letter of 1873 April 26]


[Letter of 1873 April 26]
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Pittsburgh April 26th 1873/ My Dear Carrie:/ Your very welcome/ letter came safely to hand/ this morning and you see/ that I am answering this/ afternoon that you may hear/ from me on Monday morning./ I was very glad in deed[sic] to hear that you all were/ in good health and I am/ pleased my dear to say that/ yours found me likewise./ I must confess that I/ begun to feel rather low/ spirited before hearing from/ you. You must always try/ and write so that your/ letter will be ready for the/ seven o’clock mail then you/ see I will get it the next/ day at one o’clock. But if you/ miss the seven o’clock mail/ that will make me a day/ late hearing from you./ You say to me take things/ mildly my dear you should/ remember that it is a very/ hard matter for man/ to be at ease, when he sees/ that he has a family/ and no home for them/ and does not know how/ soon he may be taken/ from them. I think and/ feel that it is a man’s/ duty to provide for his/ family and this is just/ what I am trying to do/ before saying to me = take/ things mildly – I say let us/ go to work and get a shelter/ over our heads and I will/ hear when you speak – but/ until then my [dearling?] I/ shall have to prep forward until/ I accomplish that object/ I think we are rather a/ fearful of doing too much./ I wrote father the other/ day and in my letter I/ told him – in as much/ as he pays – his agents in/ Phila fifty per cent [sic]who/ have no traveling expenses,/ no freight to pay on books/ and who were permitted/ to be at home with their/ families – Seeining that I/ am deprived of all these/ things- I thought he ought/ to pay me sixty per cent[sic]/ what do you think of it?/ I have a very pleasant/ room with but one excep-/ tion and that is no fire/ in it. It is a front room/ in the second floor. The reason/ I said it would not be/ suitable for you was that you/ would have to pass through/ an other[sic] room to get to it in/ which three other young/ men sleep, of course no one/ sleeps with me nor in the/ same room. I went to one/ boarding house be fore[sic] I/ came here to board and the/ lady wanted to put me/ in a room with two or/ three other men – that you/ know I could not see. So/ I left the lady and came/ here and am still very well/ pleased I pay five dollars/ per week - washing extra./ Last Sunday afternoon I/ spent with one of our Presbyterian/ brothers – by name Edward/ Baily – I found him very/ much of a gentleman and/ one too withsome intelligents[sic]/ and not only that but had/ a very pleasant home of his/ own – a good business and/ a very interesting little/ family of four children./ Providence being willing I/ expect to take dinner with/ Dr. Williamson widow,/ of course I must go/ over and see the lady/ to church and home/ again. Now don’t be un/ easy – I shall not for/ get you. On the whole/ I think I am having/ quite a pleasant time./ The weather has been/ quite cold for this/ season of the year every[sic]/ since I came here./ I am still doing well/ with book but to be/ able to say this – of course/ I have to work very hard./ I want to earn money/ enough to bring me home/ some time[sic] in June if nothing happen./ I suppose you are still/ writing for father yet./ Please give my love to all/ of the family kiss mother/ Willie [?] for me./ Tell father I found after/ I had written him on/ delivering some of the books/ he sent – that one of/ them was damaged so/ much that I had to sell/ it 50 ₵ off. Which I thought better/ than sending it back/ or having it bound. Now/ I must bid you good night/ dear – write soon keep much/ for love for you & Willie- from/ Your devoted husband./ E. A. Wiley./
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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]
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