Berean Institute

Berean Institute

Building Address: 1901 W. Girard Avenue

 Located at 1901 W. Girard Avenue in North Philadelphia, Berean Institute (formerly Berean Manual and Industrial School) was founded by Dr. Matthew Anderson in 1899. It provided a number of business and vocational courses for blacks when the doors of other institutions were closed to them. Having received its first charter from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1904, Berean Institute has since expanded its curriculum to meet students' changing needs. Its founder, Dr. Anderson served as the Principal of Berean Institute until his death in 1928. His first wife, Dr. Caroline Still Anderson, served as a teacher and Assistant Principal for over thirty years. Dr. Matthew Anderson also founded the Berean Presbyterian Church in June, 1880, serving as its pastor. He also originated the Berean Savings Association.

By Aslaku Berhanu


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